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Wedding: Eric + Elise at the Oaks Pioneer Church

Elise is from Canada and Eric is from the States, so these guys decided to have two weddings — one in Elise’s hometown, and another at the Oaks Pioneer Church in Portland! I was so excited to have my first chance to shoot in this venue — it’s ADORABLE and perfect for a small wedding or elopement. They held a super fun reception at a private home, and even donned moose head hats at one point to celebrate… all things Canadian?


Wedding: Anna + Nate and the EcoTrust building

When the three of us met a few months ago, Anna and I had a field day talking about our Alabama roots — she’s from a town about 2 hours away from where I did most of my growing up. It was really fun to meet her family when they came out for this Portland wedding, and extra amazing to shoot on top of Portland’s EcoTrust building! These guys managed to have a reception that was both mellow and beautiful — I think Southeast’s Slide Inn probably had something to do with that.

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Engaged: Rachel + Chase

I recently spent a week visiting family in Alabama and ALSO got to shoot a few amazing sessions while there. My husband and I lived out in the country, and I drove past this old abandoned grocery store every day for months — it’s out near where a lot of his family still lives. I have wanted to shoot a session at the store for YEARS, and was super excited when Rachel and Chase took me up on the offer. These guys are the sweetest!


Sneak Peek: Robyn + Josh | Abernethy Center

At their wedding at The Abernethy Center this week, Robyn mentioned wanting to do a photo on the bridge by the waterfall but said, “But that would be so Arwen and Aragorn, right?” Her bridesmaids IMMEDIATELY insisted that it being “so Arwen and Aragorn” was exactly why they had to do it. I, for one, am super glad they did.