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    Hey North Carolina: I'm moving to Asheville! My family and I will be headed your way in August 2015, and I'll be all about taking photos at weddings, of families and pets, and whatever else you guys are cooking up. You can see my rate information right here -- the rates will be the same in NC.

    PNW COUPLES: I am booking weddings through August 16, 2015 at my local rate, and will happily come back to shoot your wedding after I move at a different rate.

    Here are my 2015 travel dates/dates available in these cities:

    MAY 31-JUNE 3: Alabama (Huntsville, Birmingham, Mobile)
    AUGUST 17, 2015: officially based in NC
    SEPTEMBER 18, 20: Seattle, WA
    OCTOBER 9, 11: Portland, OR

    As always, send me a message if you're interested in setting up a session or getting married while I'm in your area -- you'll get the local rate!


Monica + Will lucked into one of those blissful PNW autumn days when they had their October 2014 wedding at Fort Vancouver — I mean, loooook at this weather! Look at the sun! The colors! You get the idea. I extra-loved their fun details, like the Harry Potter ring shot (which will never, ever not be awesome to me) and the “As You Wish” cake topper (Princess Briiiiiiiiide!). Dig in!


Engaged: Amanda + Cameron

I first met Amanda + Cameron a few weeks after we adopted our cat. These guys are totally cat people, so we spent a fair bit of time discussing cats and all was merry and right in the world. I was super pumped when they suggested Oaks Park as their engagement session location — the amusement park is closed in the winter, and there’s something really cool about being there when absolutely nothing is going on.



Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our eighth anniversary. The day was perfect: we woke up and had breakfast out, which we rarely do. Our son (that’s him in one of the photos — he reeeeaelly wanted to be included and then was distracted by the sunset and as a result is out of focus) was out of school, so we took him to see Belle et Sébastien (that goes to the trailer) at the Portland International Film Festival. We went out that afternoon to our favorite pizza-and-beer spot, and came home to watch the most beauuuutiful sunset (and a little bit of Wildest India, because our kid we’re all obsessed).

I don’t like to get all holy roller and preachy about love and life (at least not on my work site.. ;D), but I do want to say that I am so, so happy my husband and I are still married. We’ve been through many ups and many downs in our eight years, and we’re in an exceptionally happy place right now. As a wedding photographer I meet all kinds of couples, and I see couples who stick it out and make it work, and couples who try so hard and ultimately decide to respectfully part ways. I think either path — and all of those in between — are worthy of respect. I think a lot of people who have been married know that it’s hard to stay married sometimes. I definitely believe that sometimes, separation and divorce are the only healthy options left to two people who have tried so, so hard. I also definitely believe, if only because I have lived it, that so much light came come from a place that was once so, so dark and painful.

As for us, I’m happy we’re still here, rocking and rolling together. Anniversaries are cool, and I hope we get to celebrate many more together.



Crystal + Tyler are a wonderful couple, and seriously a blast to hang out with. I had a lot fun with these guys, and truly love how focused they are on their family and friends — that kind of love makes for really beautiful photos! These two wanted to get married riiiigiht as the sun was setting, and we managed to pull it off. The wedding was in October, and in the PNW that’s saying something! Between their JK Rowling quoting officiant and the Snow White-themed apple decor everywhere, this wedding was a dream.
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