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Robyn + Josh’s most amazing Ren Faire/Lord of the Rings-esque wedding | Abernethy Center

Robyn and Josh got married on a Thursday at Oregon City’s Abernethy Center this September, and the wedding was all kinds of spectacular. My favorite moment was when their officiant asked everyone present to hold hands and to send love to the couple — it was really incredible to see everyone join together and just love on these guys. I also was especially stoked by their ever-so-slight Aragorn/Arwen/Tolkien touch.


MENU NAVIGATION: making it easier to find weddings you want to see

This is just a little update to let you guys know that I’ve taken a step to make finding the weddings you want to see a little bit easier — if you hold your mouse over “WEDDINGS” in the top menu, you’ll be able to pick from a whole host of options. I know some people come to my site looking for outdoor weddings, or Washington weddings, or nerdy weddings, and now it’ll hopefully be that much easier to find them! SO far I’ve only gone back 30 pages, but I’ll be retro-tagging the rest in the coming days.


Sandip + Lisa’s Hindu-Buddhist-secular summer wedding | Jenkins Estate

Lisa and Sandip got married in a beauuuutiful (seriously: that orange) Buddhist/Hindu/secular ceremony earlier this year at Jenkins Estate. This wedding was super special, and I especially loved how flawlessly the pair worked religious and cultural traditions into their ceremony without compromising their own beliefs. The venue was the PERFECT for their paper lanterns and marigolds, and the party at the reception was absolutely righteous. ri

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