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Cait + Matt’s Doctor Who-Sherlock-Firefly-Supernatural-House themed engagement photos

HOLY MOLY YOU GUYS: excuse me while I wax poetic for a sec. When I met with Cait and Matt I found out a few things very quickly. All of these things were about their shared love for Doctor Who (they have a gigantic TARDIS that lives in their kitchen), and I immediately knew they were the couple for me. When Cait told me they wanted to do a costume engagement session, I was totally on board — but I really had no idea what to expect. She mentioned the TV shows they wanted to use — Doctor Who, Sherlock, Firefly, Supernatural, and House — and we schemed a few locations that would be appropriate. Of the five, I’m only super familiar with Doctor Who, and even then I imagined they’d cook up some kind of Doctor/Companion scenario. I was so utterly, delightfully wrong!

We shot at a few awesome Portland locations: Smith Tea (shout out to the amazing Tea Master Donovan!), Cargo, and the Central Library. Cait rocked her Nine (Christopher Eccleston) ensemble and Matt was incredible in his custom-made Sherlock coat, and I knew we were headed for pop culture-influenced engagement session heaven.

Cait sent over a few details about the session, and I think she tells it best:

Our shared love for stories is a big part of our relationship — I’m a writer and editor, Matt grew up on science fiction. We bonded early on through that mutual passion for narrative, and we also both have a significant theatrical streak; so we decided to do some costumes in our engagement session!

We chose our characters based on practical factors, like appearance and ease of construction, and of course the less practical ones as well. These are all characters Matt and I relate to: Sherlock’s wit, the Doctor’s snark, Simon’s honor and Inara’s elegance, House’s irreverence and Castiel’s dedication.

The first set (the “BBC” set) features Sherlock (Matt) in a custom coat I had made for him the first Christmas we were together and the 9th Doctor (me). Smith Tea was the perfect location for this because it has a quiet British feel.

The second set (the “Firefly” set) has Matt as Simon Tam and me as Inara Serra. We loved Cargo as the setting for this, with its crowded space-market ambiance and Asian kitsch.

The third set (the “we still like our own things too” set, haha) has me as the angel Castiel from “Supernatural” and Matt as Dr. Gregory House from “House.” The beautiful Central Library was a great modern background and a fun homage to all the stories we didn’t feature in the shoot.

AND OF COURSE… here are the photos:

Bonus cute dog photo, because OMG:


Michelle - AH! Castiel!

This is an amazing engagement session. I love it so much!

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