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HEY! I’m a photographer living in Oakland, CA, with my husband, our kid, and the most adorable and infuriating menagerie of adopted pets. (Truly: they’re a mess). I have been working with couples and families for over a decade, and can still say that wedding days are some of my favorite days, ever.

At this point in the game, I have distilled my wedding and portrait work into three main points:

ONE: It’s important to me to work with all kinds of budgets, so whether you have $1000 or $5000 to work with for your wedding photography, I want to talk to you. I offer sliding scale rates and payment plans, and no one ever has to prove anything to me in terms of income. Just let me know what you have and what you need, and we’ll go from there.

TWO: You guys don’t want photos that you don’t like, and I don’t want to hand over a USB with 1,200 photos that you hate. To that end, I love to meet in person whenever possible prior to booking (and am super Skype/Hangouts/phone friendly) so we can read each other and make sure it’s a fit. I can also email you links to full weddings I’ve shot, and we can talk about the various ups and downs I’ve worked with at weddings.

Once you’ve booked, feel free to send me everything: Pinterest boards, inspiration ideas, your favorite colors, a list of photos you want, a list of photos you don’t want. Hopefully we’ll shoot engagement photos, which is a great time for you to get used to having a ton of photos taken, and for me to see how comfortable you are with the camera. If it makes you feel better, probably 85%  of my couples tell me they’re super awkward in front of a camera, and I get it — I feel the same way about myself! So to that end, don’t worry. I’ve got this.

On the day of the wedding, I will simultaneously blend into the background and never be too far away. I’m always there for you, and am happy to take any photos you want, take photos your grandma wants, take a photo with your aunt’s iPad, etc. etc. etc. I’m really flexible and polite, and get along with just about family member you can throw at me (including the cranky ones). Few things rattle me, and my wedding day focus is on point. Like I said, I’ve been doing this for over a decade — that comes with a level of “I can handle this.”

THREE: You want your photos fast, and I don’t want to delay that. You’ll get your portrait photos within 2 weeks, and your wedding photos within 4-6. This doesn’t mean I race through editing to get to the next batch — it just means that after I work with you, I prioritize getting your photos to you ASAP.

Have more questions? You can totally ask them.