As a wedding photographer, I am all about your feelings, your vibes, and what is going on in the moment—whether that moment is our first meeting, in person over drinks (lemonade or boozy, I’m down for either) or my WiFi is failing our Skype attempts (don’t worry, I’m super phone friendly), or that moment is three minutes before you’re both about the walk down the aisle and you need to connect with a cheerleader, or you’re closing out your reception to “XO” and it’s all happening—I am into it. I love nothing more than when everyone at the wedding is crying, and will probably cry right along with you. I will hold your hands if you need me to, and I’ll back off if you need me to. Sometimes I’ll be right up in your business, photographing the heck out of your love, and sometimes (often times) I’ll be in the background, capturing all the moments you’re seeing (and all the other ones that you’re not).

For me, wedding photography is about much more than showing up for 8-12 hours one day in June and waltzing away with your cash and some memories—wedding photography is about documenting your day, your life, your love, your family, your whatever. It’s about working with you and getting to know you in a way that allows me to flow with your narrative. It’s about stepping back and watching that narrative unfold. It’s about gently guiding and coaching when needed, if needed. It’s about you (you you you you).

…and you know why? Because I get it. If you’re working with me, you are probably at least two of the following: nerdy as all get out, super enthusiastic about life, a Bey fan, a traveler and world explorer, possibly too into Harry Potter, a big time reader, someone who always keeps an eye on the news, and wildly in love with your partner, your kid(s), your dog, your cat, your guinea pig, your… life. I focus a lot of creative and emotional energy on each couple I work with because I realize that you guys all love your people as much as I love mine, and y’all? I love my people a lot. It’s easy to create wedding and portrait photography that my couples and families love, because I create photos that I love, too. I ride a wave of wedding day buzz magic all the way into sunsets and color explosions and heart eyes and feeeeeels, and each couple and family I get to work with brings their own flavor of magic and sunsets and color and heart eyes and feelings to the table.

So let’s do this! Let’s road trip, let’s hop on a plane, let’s meet up in local East Bay park. I’m down for all of it.

My work has been featured both in print and online, including Portland Bride and Groom, A Practical Wedding,Offbeat Bride, Rock n Roll Bride, When Geeks Wed, Love and Lavender, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Knotsvilla, Offbeat Bride, Melissa Hearts Weddings, The Knot, 4 Real Equality Weddings, New Generation Bride, Savannah Weddings Magazine, A Bicycle Built for Two, Offbeat Bride, Unique Bride Magazine, A Practical Wedding, and South Sound Wedding & Event Magazine

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