I have been writing and publishing online since 1999… which means I’ve spent over half of my 32 years completely nerding out on the internet. I’ve had essays published here and there (including in The Good Mother Myth, which you should absolutely read), and spent two years as the Content Manager at A Practical Wedding.

I will sometimes share excerpts of essays that have also appeared on APW on this site, in addition to writing my own thoughts about… whatever pops into my head.


I’m a wedding photographer who spends a lot of time chasing light, capturing laughter, and bottling up love and putting it all on show. My work is soaked in color, drenched in dramatic black and whites, and steeped in light. Each wedding and portrait session is shot organically as it happens – I’m not in your face, and I’m not super demanding. I spend a lot of time looking for the moments that others might not pay attention to, or that you see but can’t capture exactly how you want it. I pay attention to the teeniest of details and the biggest of grins, and I capture everything in between. I’m a bit of a storyteller, and I like weaving images of verse in with images of every day life.

Also, clearly I have a thing for taking selfies in the bathroom mirrors while at weddings.


When I’m not writing or taking photos, I love to spend most of my free time with my husband, our son, our wild pack of adopted animals, and a good book. I am a voracious reader and wildly in love with music. I will probably mention Harry Potter to you at least half a dozen times, and I understand if you think it’s too much. (It probably is.) I use a lot of punctuation and drink a lot of tea, and I just discovered emojis like five years after anyone else so I’m very into them right now. I can’t even apologize for all of this, but I can at least tell you ahead of time.


My work has been featured both in print and online, including Portland Bride and Groom, A Practical Wedding,Offbeat Bride, Rock n Roll Bride, When Geeks Wed, Love and Lavender, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Knotsvilla, Offbeat Bride, Melissa Hearts Weddings, The Knot, 4 Real Equality Weddings, New Generation Bride, Savannah Weddings Magazine, A Bicycle Built for Two, Offbeat Bride, Unique Bride Magazine, A Practical Wedding, and South Sound Wedding & Event Magazine

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