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HELLO my precious site! Wow, it’s been… an embarrassingly long time since I’ve updated you. I have a great excuse, that will sound vague at best until we dive in: the last few months have been a lot.

In December we moved from Tennessee to Oakland, California. It might not surprise you to know that even veterans of moving across the country (this is time number.. three? four?) need some time to get acclimated, and our move to California was more rushed than previous moves, and we’re all just now settling in to our surroundings, waking up to everything that we can see and do, and juuuust beginning to take advantage of the fact that we live in a great city that is directly adjacent to another great city, and we’re having a lot of fun here….and elsewhere! We visited Iceland in March (photos coming!), and have two road trips (in wildly different directions) down the pipeline.

Speaking of road trips, we absolutely drove from TN to CA, and managed to stop at a few new-to-us places on the way: Meteor Crater outside Winslow, AZ (did you know that my kid wrote a letter to Carolyn Shoemaker when he was in preschool? He diiiiid, that nerd); Cadillac Ranch in TX, and (of course) the Grand Canyon:

So anyway: that’s kind of what we’ve been up to! I mostly wanted to finally take a second to give the site a new look and vibe (I’ll be mixing my photography and my writing here from now on) and say hello: you’ll be hearing from me soon (and seeing plenty of wedding work that hasn’t been shared yet)!