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  • Hello!

    Welcome, welcome, welcome. Here's a little information that you might want to know: I am a photographer currently based in Oakland, CA, and who happily travels the country and world to capture photos of incredible, cool, savvy, open, wonderful human beings. If you want to know more about me, that link will give you probably way too much information. If wedding photos are what you're after, there's a gallery right here. I also work with families and couples, and you can get in touch with me by filling out this form.

    I also wanted to use this space to say something quick, easy, and 100% true: I work with everyone who wants to work with me. I have a big heart and an open mind and your race, ethnicity, disability, religion, gender preference, and sexual orientation are completely cool with me, no matter what they are. I think now, more than ever, it's important to be open and obvious about these things, and I wanted to have a note right here on the front page that makes it clear that any and all can feel safe and comfortable with me.

    And on that note, have fun looking around! Let me know if you need anything.