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Hey! This isn’t about a wedding: Metropolitan Family Service photos

A few months ago I took a series of photos for Metropolitan Family Service in Portland. The organization was in the middle of a rebranding, and felt that having photos from a few photographers in the city would make the site more dynamic. I visited the spots they asked me to (including an elementary school, but can’t share the photos of the kids!) and turned in my work without knowing what would be used, if anything. I just found out that quite a few of the photos are on the site (along with the work of other photographers), and wanted to share! Here are a few more — both some that the organization used, and some that they didn’t but that I really like:

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Courthouse Wedding: Mary + Paul

I love a good courthouse wedding! My husband and I got married in the courthouse in Huntsville, Alabama, and I was so excited when Mary + Paul asked me to shoot their own courthouse wedding here in Portland. There’s something really fun about punctuated wedding days — the usual wedding blur happens at a faster rate and it’s just fun to watch everyone move through it so quickly, but just as excited as they would be at a wedding anywhere. Here are some photos from the day!